330M WEJO 800M

WEJO General Motors Inc.-backed vehicle information start-up 330M WEJO 800M, which collects and distributes current vehicle data, is increasing its valuation by more than $300 million and reaching an $800 million total after it announces it is agreeing to sell its assets to startup SVPA, WEJO.

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On July 27, GM.N, a provider of software and services for the music industry. Announced it had completed a reverse merger with Virtuoso Acquisition Corp. A software company that specializes in the creation and distribution of music content. The merger will combine GM.N’s 330 million shares of common stock with Virtuoso’s 800 million shares. And of common stock, giving GM.N a total market value of approximately $2 billion. This move signals GM.N’s intention to become more competitive in the music industry. And to focus on providing innovative software products and services to its clients.

The Wejo company

The Wejo company collects and distributes vehicle information to its users. This allows drivers to make better decisions about where to go and when to get around. Wejo is a great resource for drivers who need reliable information.

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(GM.N), will open to the world through a reverse merger agreement with an unlimited free admission to Virtuoso Acquisition Corp.

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General Motors (N.G.M) will open to investors through a consolidation with Virtuoso Acquisition Corporation (VTCA), Inc., providing unlimited free passes.

On July 27, (GM.N) returns to the public from a reverse merger with Virtuoso Acquisition Corp.

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