Funeral Process in California

Rituals are considered as symbolic & funeral assistance in California, ceremonies that can keep people in touch with their friends and families in order to express their deepest feelings and thoughts about life’s important events. For instance, we used to celebrate birthday in honor of another passing year in the life of our beloved friend or relative, a Baptist celebrates the birth of a child and his acceptance into the church, and a wedding ceremony is mainly held to affirm the love shared by the bride and groom.

Similarly, the funeral is also a symbolic and traditional public ritual that allows us to express our condolences and feelings to the grieving family about the deceased person. A funeral can serve a vital part in helping the family and loved ones of the deceased person in order to cope up with their loss.

Benefits of a Traditional Funeral

During funerals, people used to acknowledge the loss of the deceased’s family and recount their memories with the dead person, and recall who he was and what he meant to them. Let’s have a look at the main benefits of a traditional funeral which are listed below.

  • Offers an opportunity to express your grief and feelings
  • Helps in taking the initial steps in the grief process by reinforcing the reality of death
  • Creates some forums in order to share spiritual beliefs and values
  • Encourages recalling and sharing the memories that can validate and celebrate the life of the deceased
  • Provide support to the family of the deceased and acknowledge their loss within the community
  • Assists as a ceremony and significant social tradition

Funeral Assistance Programs

A funeral is considered as the most expensive ritual because the financial load of a funeral can be too much for many people who are not financially stable enough. People who do not have enough money to plan a proper funeral can easily find various assistance programs out there regarding funeral assistance in California. They can fully help you with all funeral and burial costs. Here is a list of some major key factors that need to be considered while planning a funeral ceremony.

  • Total Cost of a Funeral

If you need to perform a proper funeral ritual, then it is better to know first about what to expect for costs. Because the overall cost of funeral-related items may vary from one shop to another. If you know about the average price of these items earlier, it will surely help you to shop the best stuff from the best deal possible.

  • Average Cost of a Funeral

It is hard to define the average cost of a funeral by only one number because there is a wide range of options available to choose from. All of the options available in a retail store can significantly impact the total price of a funeral stock. There are different categories in funeral assistance programs which are listed below.

Breakdown of Costs by Service Type

There are some people who only want cremation, while others may want a complete burial service. Cremation is the best alternate of a burial ceremony, and it is quite affordable as well. Cremation, along with a traditional funeral, can cost you approximately $10,000, but if you choose only a memorial service, it may cost you around $10,000.

Breakdown of Main Costs

People usually do not understand why these burial, cremation, funeral, and memorial services are too expensive. Here is a complete detailed guide about these events and how they contribute to the overall cost of a funeral ceremony.

  • Funeral Service

The funeral assistance in California usually charges a fundamental fee for utilizing its services, and this fee must be paid by everyone, no matter how many services you are purchasing by their program. It can cater to all the costs of items like paperwork and transportation. In many areas, the basic fee for a funeral service is approximately $2000.

  • The Casket

You will find a wide variety of caskets available in the market, and you can even purchase them online. Many funeral homes often provide the most expensive caskets at the top of their list, and they tend to entice people to purchase those caskets. The total cost of a casket can set you back around $2300.

  • Direct Cremation

A direct cremation can help you save a lot of money by cutting out all the extra expenditures that are involved in a memorial or funeral ceremony. A direct cremation is known to be the least inexpensive post-death option available for people who cannot afford expensive burial ceremonies. The total fee of this program generally costs about $2000.

  • Burial

There are so many little costs linked with burial programs that can add up to a frightening total amount of money. The average cost of a burial system is around $9000 and above. Its price may vary depending on the cost of chosen stuff like grave market, flowers, headstone, and casket. You can find a variety of costs for these items depending on the material.

Types of Funeral Assistance Programs

The total cost of a funeral may leave you in a shock, especially to those families who are financially unstable. As deaths usually occur unexpectedly, so it can leave the family of the deceased person with a lot of burden of paying and planning a proper funeral ceremony. People who are facing such an issue have nothing to worry about anymore because funeral assistance is always around for such people. Different kinds of funeral assistance programs are mentioned below.

  • Non-Profit Organizations and Charities
  • Funeral Consumers Alliance
  • Children’s Burial Assistance
  • Churches
  • Government Organizations
  • Final Farewell

These funeral assistance organizations are basically formed to provide the funeral expense to those who are financially unstable or unable to pay the burial expense.

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