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The most robust part of a car, apart from its sturdy exterior built, is the wheels that ensure that the car moves smoothly on the road. All the four wheels of a car are equally important, and if one breaks down, then the car cannot move.

Regular car repair and maintenance are essential to ensure the functionality of the vehicle and its longevity. The car wheels can easily last for a long duration, but an accident or a sharp object can damage them. The maintenance of wheels is also important to improve fuel efficiency, car performance, and handling. Some of the signs that show that the wheels of the car need attention are

  • Dents and cracks along the rim from where the air leaks out
  • The rust along the inside and outside of the rim
  • When you feel air pressure in the tires dropping constantly
  • The steering wheel moves even when you are driving straight
  • A damaged rim impacts the structural integrity of the car

One of the best ways to ensure the functionality of the wheel is constantly maintaining them, whether checking for air pressure or washing them. You need to clean the wheels once every week and repair the small cracks before it develops into big ones. Apart from washing and maintenance, two other essential aspects are wheel alignment and wheel balancing.

What are Steel Wheel Services?

Selecting the right wheel is quite important for your vehicle. The two common options are steel wheel and alloy wheels. If you are looking for style and performance at a premium price, then alloy wheels are the best option. However, most people look for a much cheaper alternative, steel wheels, because of their strength, sturdiness, and durability.

For big vehicles and colder climates, experts suggest installing steel wheels as they are long-lasting. If the paint of the wheel is intact, then it will not rust. Normal wear and tear are common, but it does not impact the structural integrity of the steel wheels.

If there is a bend, it is also easier to repair as the pressure will not affect the wheel’s appearance. The bent steel can easily be brought back to shape even with using a hammer. Another advantage you get is of price as steel wheels are not as expensive as alloys wheels. The steel wheels also have a shiny and attractive look which most car enthusiasts are looking for.

Apart from the advantages, the steel wheel can get damaged due to lack of maintenance or if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. If you have a cracked steel rim, you need to know about local tire shops that offer steel wheel services in MS.

The Steps involved in Repairing Steel Wheels

The tire repair service employs experienced and skillful experts who know how to identify and fix wheel issues. The steps a tire maintenance specialist performs are

  • Dismounting the wheel carefully to avoid further damage
  • The extent of damage is analyzed closely
  • The heat from a propane torch is used over the damaged part of the wheel. The color of the flame is blue, so it minimizes the scorching of the rim. The repairmen avoid heating the protective layer of the wheel.
  • If there is a bend in the steel rim, then a couple of hammer swings are good to remove the bend. The repairmen may provide heat repeatedly until there is no bend on the wheel
  • A metal file is best to remove any scratches and scorch marks
  • The wheel is mounted again the balance of each wheel is checked

The Tips to Follow for Steel Wheel Maintenance

Many car drivers are quite cautious when driving the car and look to avoid even minor damage. However, cracks and bends are common and can easily be fixed. The curb rash is probably the most common damage to a steel wheel. The first sign of damage to the wheel is air deflating out from the wheel. Some of the tips that you need to follow to improve the performance of the steel wheels are

  • Wheel alignment

One of the essential tasks you need to perform is wheel alignment every once in a while. It will enhance the mileage of the car and increase the longevity of the wheels. Along with wheel alignment, another important task is wheel balancing. Without these two tasks, the car will not break properly and also consume more fuel.

  • Look for rust

When washing the car and its wheels, you need to look for signs of rust and then take proper action.

  • Constant lubrication

Due to the constant wear and tear, the wheel can take maximum damage, so lubrication is important. You can lubricate the wheels with even water. If you maintain your car regularly, there will be no issue, and the tire experts will perform the lubrication.


Everyone loves to own and drive a car, and it is both a convenience and luxury. But you need to schedule timely maintenance of the car, particularly the wheels. The steel wheels are durable and sturdy, but minor faults can reduce the efficiency of the wheels. The best solution is to visit a local tire repair shop that provides steel wheel repair services.

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