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Let’s face it. Businesses of all shapes and sizes eventually want customers to strengthen their existence, as customers serve as the backbone of any company’s sustainability. The role of the spinal cord in the human body is the same as customers for a business. In today’s internet-dominated era, it becomes inevitable to promote the brand on the digital forums to attract customers. With millions and trillions of users browsing the internet for the product and services, business owners can’t afford to overlook the importance of digital marketing. But, it is ironic that the two digital marketing techniques, SEO and Content Marketing, are considered at odds; however, in reality, they both go hand in hand in improving the CVR (Conversion Rates).

To break this mindset, we have decided to dedicate this blog to emphasizing the reality that the two marketing techniques work in tandem, not exclusively. Don’t worry; the later discussion will not stress your nerves, as they are free from the technical ins and outs.

Let’s not drag the conversation any further and dive into the crux of the conversation.

Getting Into Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Before appreciating the relationship between the two digital marketing techniques, let’s discuss the individuality of each entity in isolation.

SEO Bells and Whistles

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is a set of techniques devised to increase the rankings of your website on the search engines, i.e., Google, Bing, and others. The optimization efforts bring organic traffic to the website, boosting brand awareness and increasing sales.

SEO Strategy

SEO is not a one-time implementation, rather an ongoing process that involves a series of steps, i.e., target market research, thorough website audit, extensive keyword research, creation of quality and relevant content, etc.

Long story short, this field of digital marketing is a must-have for businesses, who want to break the highly saturated marketplace. Some of the most vibrant perks of SEO are:

  • It builds brand credibility and supports high-level brand exposure (when done right).
  • Search engine optimization helps win more clients and sustain the existing customer base.
  • By having an optimized website, your business can win the search game and come in front of the ideal audience whenever they enter the targeted keyword into the search box.

Content Marketing Nuts and Bolts

In its very nature, marketing through content aims to educate the readers so that they find the reason to shop from your website. Content marketing pertains to the practice of curating and spreading value-added and relevant content, i.e., tutorials, blogs, and social media posts. The essence of this marketing type lies in satisfying the concerns and queries of the audience, in short, in providing solutions to their probable and existing problems.

How Do the Two Marketing Techniques Bring the Best Out In One Another?

As we have discussed each marketing strategy exclusively, let’s discuss how one complements the other.

SEO Have Content Marketing Back— HOW?

You are confident that you have created the most appealing and exquisite content. But what’s the point where you have no reader to praise your piece of content. There is where SEO comes into play.

SEO makes your content accessible to the ones you are writing for. The content generated around business-relevant keywords improves the rankings, simply turning up the search query results.

Content Marketing Have SEO Back — HOW?

People that have an appetite for valuable content approaches search engines. When they encounter “dummy” content, they treat your brand as non-serious and unreliable. They will eventually turn down your business and take their hunger for content consumption anywhere else, probably at your competitors’ doorstep. 

Remember, savvy content consumers have eyes to see through any fluff in the content. Anything that falls short of their expectations makes the brand untrustworthy and fraudulent. It’s exactly what SEO personas feel scared of. But, with the help of content marketing, you can save your optimization efforts and direct them to where they must be going.

When you create informative and valuable content on the relevant keywords, it is safe to safe that you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you dominate on major search engines, but you will also increase the conversion rates owing to the magnetic content.

What Are The Best Practices For SEO and Content Marketing?

The later discussion will shed light on combining both online marketing tactics. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Decide Goals, Quantity the Results, and Repeat

Take off your combining efforts by setting up common objectives and goals for the marketing purpose. Identify which set of activities reside in the intersection of both, and then devise quantifiable goals for them.

The next move is to decide the KPIs to synergize content marketing and SEO. These key performance indicators may include engagement, CTA conversion rates, content sharing, content links, and more. At the heart of this step lies in continuously iterating the process to refine and fill the voids (if present).

Become Acquainted With Your Audience

Needless to say, customers are what for a brand is rolled out, or otherwise, who will be using the products or services offered by a brand? Thus, it is imperative to learn about the target audience. The in-depth understanding of the audience will assist the content creation team devise marketing copes that will resonate with the consumers and the SEO team to research the keywords intended for the target marketplace. The content writers will then use keyword research in their write-ups.

Results Measurement

With the help of the results, you will know what the keywords and the piece of content not going well with the marketing goals are. This will help refine the two steps above.

Consistency is the key.

You will not witness results overnight. It’s a bizarre wish to witness instant results because SEO takes time to foster results, due to which the content fused with keywords will take time to rank high on the search engines.

Stay Ahead Of the Marketing Curve

The digitalize vision landscape is ever-changing; thus, it is vital to remain abreast with the latest technology and state-of-the-art marketing techniques. For a company’s consistent growth, its employees must have an eye for what’s trending and fill their knowledge bag with modern advertising solutions. Since SEO is subject to frequent changes, SEO personas must equip themselves with Googles’ announcements for the edits in the ranking algorithms.

These are the sure-fire ways to help a company make the most out of the two marketing practices.


We believe that the aforementioned discussion is adequate to expose the relationship between the two digital marketing practices. Since each complements the other, you can’t use one to refine your advertising efforts; rather, an intelligent mix of both will help you devise a digital experience aligned with your marketing goals. Consider SEO a direction to the content marketing endeavors, and content a life-giver to the SEO strategy.

So, if you have been exploiting them in separation until today, it’s high time to infuse both to yield appreciable results in winnings and earning clients. In case you feel overwhelmed by this discussion, ClickFirstSMM can help your worries away, that too in a matter of seconds. 

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