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In 2021, one service that is constantly in demand is online business setup. Many people have the idea as well as necessities. However, they do not have the experience in stripe interview questions to execute their ideas. For this, they take the help of business setup service providers. But this is half the job. The other is product selling and order completion. In this light, where people get it wrong is billing or order processing. 

For example, consider you own an online business and you sell products. When you list a product and a customer places an order, you have the responsibility to process the order and deliver it. When placing an order, people send the payment too through their credit cards. This payment requires processing which is done through an external client. And this client is Stripe.

What Duties Stripe Performs?

Stripe is a company that has two headquarters. One of the HQ is in San Francisco and one is in Dublin. The company is responsible for processing the payment from the customer. In addition, the amount transfer to the seller takes place by them. Stripe does this through its software and programming management. Like every top-class company, people love to join them for a job role. And getting inside Stripe is not easy. 

Stepwise Interview Process 

Stripe is not a low-scale company that operates on a smaller scale. Whereas it has world recognition. And the standards are very high. This is dependent on their strict interview process which only a few crack out. So before you begin your next interview at Stripe. This is how the recruitment process works.

Stage 1: Two-Screen Process

The first stage involves two sessions with your recruiter. These sessions have different durations. The first one has a duration of 30 minutes. Whereas the second one has a duration of 60 minutes. During the first screen session, the recruiter questions regarding your resume as well as work experience. The second session involves coding solving. The question comes in two parts whereas it is in your preferred language over the screen. 

Stage 2: Onsite Interview Discussion 

Next up, you have a discussion with your recruiter regarding an onsite interview. The recruiter guides the candidate regarding where the onsite interview will commence. Moreover, the recruiter guides the candidate regarding which team he must interview for. 

Stage 3: Onsite Interview 

Then comes the make or break part. The candidate appears for an onsite interview where he or she deals with a five-part interview. 

  1. The first step involves you to build a program to solve a problem 
  2. The second step involves conducting a bug hunt in an unknown codebase 
  3. The third step involves a system design 
  4. The fourth step involves the implementation of your designed system 
  5. The last step is an interview regarding your behavior and culture 

In between this five-step interview, you have lunch with an engineer too. The last step is also conducted by the engineer. 

Interview Questions 

Interview questions vary from field to field and the team you want to join. Based on previous interviews conducted, here is what to expect:

  • A question arises in the exam where the need is to design or write an algorithm. This is to be done in JavaScript. The questions have two different snack types and two receivers, a brother and a sister. The question says to write an algorithm that the sister gets a unique snack each time. 
  • Palindrome refers to the words that spell likewise from start and finish. A Stripe question includes writing a program that returns a true if the condition for palindrome satisfies. Whereas if not, it should return false. But there will not be characters to the input of any sort. 
  • Some of the questions lasted around a single topic at most. These included a question regarding arrays, general and performing tasks. Moreover, some general questions were regarding the recent complex task an interviewer performed. 
  • Another general question regarding store timing came forward. The question was to determine store closure time as well as a possible penalty. The penalty is in the form of whether there were any customers in the shop or not. 
  • Another question was to develop a system program for Upwork. 
  • One of the trickiest yet simple questions was regarding correction checking. The requirement is to check if the parenthesis, brackets, are incorrect order. Moreover, the checking is to be done regarding if the pairing is alright. And finally to check if the closing bracket comes after the opening one. 

Many more technical questions follow depending upon your expertise. 

What do the InterDo What do viewers say? 

The candidates appear before the recruiters to perform physically as well as oral interviews and tests

This is what they find out:

  • The interview is challenging since it is of engineering knowledge 
  • However, Stripe is known and feels like a great place to work
  • The compensation rate at Stripe is high in comparison to other recruiters

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