What is guest posting

Guest posting is a form of internet marketing that is becoming more commonplace in today’s world. However, the majority of the guest posting writers are not pro-active and they always place their ads in places where the visitors will have little chance to find them.

So what exactly is Guest posting?

Guest post means to share a written article or something you wrote along with your other work. It is not just sharing the content but also gives a chance of getting paid for sharing it., It’s a tool for marketing strategy, and are used for numerous reasons like getting connected with other bloggers and building relationships with them and with different brands too. But most commonly people use them, to get content writing help for their blogs. Content writing tools also help marketers about data to present in one place what they want to connect the audience with.

Can anyone write a guest post?

Yes with WordPress, one can write guest posts, but it is better if the author is knowledgeable about SEO and the product or service being discussed. It will also be adequate only in “medium high quality content market” i.e., high priced niche products, rather than a low cost sub-$5 affiliate marketing channel (like Amazon FBA/FBA), iAdmit it, Marketers do not consider the source of traffic until they see most visitors coming to their website. This is where the great copywriting comes into play and they tend to form this opinion while balancing their own needs and wants.

Important Points to keep in mind about Guest Post

  • These include branding and all direct links that point readers directly to your website.

  • You must try to increase the number of likes on social media, because it will result in increasing of Exposure

  • Guest posts that come straight out of the Writers who have excellent copywriting skills, have a well trained writer at the helm and are very technically oriented yield high-quality output and excellent results.

  • The Guest post must be relevant and to the point, so that people can extract maximum information from it.

  • The Guest post must be useful, actionable and condense all the important information into one short sentence they are of no use.

  • After the guest post has been written, it is finally time to add it to the site. Here are some helpful tips for adding new graphics:

    How to write a good headline for a guest post?

    The only way to think about the top of your head. Given the fact that you always have other things to do before an important meeting and that is why you are writing on it. The end text must be relevant, concise and clearly explained so that your readers won’t miss the point of what you’re trying to share with them

  • Toyota and its marketing fails

  • Does electrical cars need marketing?

  • Jeep and its marketing strategy

    You should always try to start your headline with catchy phrases like

    • Tips on…..

    • Benefits of…

    • What if….

    • What does…..

    • How to…..

    • How to use…..

    • How to fix……

      These are all the examples on how you should start your headline.

      Now, if you have grabbed the attention of a top editor by writing and submitting an article on link building, here are some advanced search operators that could help with that.

      1. keyword intitle:”write for us”

      2. keyword intitle:”write for me”

      3. Keyword intitle:”contribute to”

      4. Keyword intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog

      5. Keyword “submit a guest post”

      6. Keyword inurl:/guest-post/

      7. Keyword “guest post”

      8. Keyword “guest post by”

      9. Keyword “accepting guest posts”

      10. Keyword “guest post guidelines”

      11. Keyword “guest author”

      12. Keyword “guest article”

      13. Keyword “guest column”

      14. Keyword “become a contributor”

      15. inpostauthor:guest keyword

      16. inpostauthor:”guest blog” keyword

      17. inpostauthor:”guest post” keyword

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