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Are your little ones insisting you visit fabulous places in Bangalore, and you are unable to come up with any desirable one? Don’t worry. This blog is exclusively for your rescue! 

Tourists sometimes disregard Bangalore because it does not have the top-tier, impressive sites of several other Indian cities. When people do come, it’s frequently just to enjoy the creature’s comforts.  

Nevertheless, there are some fantastic locations to explore in Bangalore for youngsters, with its lush greenery, gated gardens, and soft play. Bangalore also benefits from a more favorable temperature due to its higher altitude, providing a pleasant break if touring during the summer. However, it may still get uncomfortably hot between April and June. Check out these fantastic places worth visiting in Bangalore kids. 

1. Breakout Escape Rooms 

Only at Breakout┬« Escape Space will you find amazingly created physical and simulated escapes with fairytale, drama, murder, and enigma themes. It currently serves as the best escape room in Bangalore. You could also integrate any other celebrations or events for your children here. 

The company provides excellent delight for whichever age, topic, or occasion you choose! Breakout Escape Room has everything you want to add to your escape room session.  

2. Bugle Park 

Climb the stairs to the Enormous Bull Temple, where a sizable granite monument of the revered animal wearing floral decorations is located, and proceed beneath the intimidating big bull horns. A few rupees will get you a priest’s benediction, and don’t forget to place your palm on the bull’s hooves for good luck. 

After leaving, take the stairs to the right and enter Bugle Park, where you can let the kids burn off some steam by attempting to climb over boulders and playing with neighborhood kids on the field.  

3. Iskcon Temple  

Among the most prominent Iskcon temples in the world, it was dedicated in 1997. Although it may appear like a giant wedding cake, it is more substantial. As you ascend the steps to take in the ornate decorations and pause to take in the intriguing ceremonies, the Hare Krishna chant serves as the background music for your journey. Plan your advent for lunch as you exit the main temple because there is a terrific food market outside. To add, there are quite a bunch of fantastic gift stores. 

We bought a Hare Krishna instrument for our boys. Like most shrines, consider leaving the camera at the residence because photography is forbidden. Also, ensure your thighs and upper arms are covered.  

4. Taj West End 

The opulent Taj West End has already been offering a haven for natives and visitors alike since 1887. It is a haven among many of metropolitan Bangalore’s turmoil and loud sounds. In Mynt, their multi-cuisine buffet, take a table on the terrace if it’s not too hot. Sipping great tea from a teapot while watching the boys run barefoot around the well-kept lawn was a real treat for someone from the UK. 

Additionally, we ate some delicious cupcakes (just Rs. 50++ each). Browse the lovely gardens once you’re done with your tea. You can ask a representative of the staff to direct you.   

5. Cubbon Park 

This vast 120-hectare parkland in the center of Bangalore kids is known as the overstretched “lungs” of the metropolis and is where youngsters may go to gather sticks, explore trees, and struggle over stones. This provides a fun afternoon combined with a trip to the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technical Gallery. At Jawahar Bal Bhavan, which is located on the facility’s northern boundary, there is also a modest fairground. 

Bottom Line  

Have your day with your kids and make them happiest by visiting one of these places with just everything inside at affordable prices! Get your hands on the best offers that might be running for the day, and make your day with kids an unforgettable memory! 

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