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Extra virgin oil is the highest quality olive oil. It is heart-friendly and contains various antioxidants. They are excellent ingredients to be used for cooking and dressing on salads.

You can use olive oil for cooking, frying, and roasting.

However, it can be quite difficult to buy the original extra virgin olive oil. When you enter the market, you find multiple brands are selling a huge variety of olive oil.

The thing is that there are multiple varieties of olive oil available in the market, and non all types of olive oil are created equal.

Here are the prime varieties of olive oil

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Cold-pressed olive oil
  • Pomace oil

Though all types are beneficial for your health, extra virgin olive oil is the best one among them.

Let’s first talk about the types and what differentiates them

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is the best quality olive oil which means it does not contain any unrefined commodity. It is not treated by any chemical or heat.

The lower smoking point is mostly used on salad dressings, and you can use it on various food items. It is quite difficult to find the best affordable extra virgin olive oil.

Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil is the second-best olive oil, and just like extra virgin olive oil, no heat or chemicals are incorporated in the extraction process.

However, Virgin olive oil can have little contamination that does not make much of a difference. This type of olive oil is mostly used for cooking or stirring vegetables.

Cold Pressing

Cold-pressed oil is extracted through the process of grinding at low temperatures. Many different fruits, seeds, and vegetables can be used to make it.

It is low-grade olive because due to heat, the flavor of olive oil and its nutritional value can be lost. Moreover, heat increases the chances of contamination. Because the standards controlling the cold pressing method vary from state to state, buyers should check all product labels before purchasing it.

In the past, olive oil was extracted using stone presses and stone mil, but now they are replaced with centrifuges.

Oil of Pomace

Pomace olive oil is of the lowest grade. It is the product of pulp that is left after olives are pressed. Solvents and heat are used to remove by-products.

Because the refined by-product has a high smoke point, it may be utilized for frying and other cooking applications. Consumers should avoid it.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Buying Low-Quality Olive Oil?

The olive oil business is known for its deception. Many manufacturers do scams in the olive oil business, and they label low-grade oil as extra virgin olive oil. They also claim olive oil to be from one country when manufactured in another country.

These aspects make it critical to keep your feet elevated. You cannot imagine how many companies are out there who just want to earn profit through such scams and frauds.

Here are some pointers for purchasing original extra virgin olive oil

Purchase from manufacturers who provide you real estate addresses, real harvest dates, or original plant names on their labels. It is ensured that you are buying products from reliable markers of both quality and authenticity.

  • Locate the certificate inside your organization.
  • Purchase from recognized farmers Estate. They will provide you with the best affordable extra virgin olive oil.
  • Examine the packing. Good producers understand that dark glass bottles or metal cans should be used to preserve their products since they shield the oil from the detrimental effects of light.

If You Go to the ShopKeep in Mind these Pointers

1. The Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Should Be Dark in Color

Not using dark glass can be a critical issue for olive oil storage. The reason is that exposure to UV light can result in high rancidity of olive oil. Therefore, make sure to purchase your extra-virgin olive oil in a darkened or lined glass bottle. You can also buy it in a can packaging. Only buy from the clear glass if it’s wrapped in foil.

2. Date of Harvest

Freshness is something that makes olive oil so amazing. Before purchasing, look for a Best Before and Harvest date on the bottle.

Moreover, a well-made, well-preserved extra virgin olive oil should have a two-year shelf lifespan.

After opening the bottle of olive oil, it is better to use it within a month. Look for the expiration date and best before date. Furthermore, if an olive oil seems to be rancid, return it for a refund even if the expiration date is next year.

3. Price

The price of extra virgin olive oil is usually higher than other oils. Therefore be mentally prepared for giving extra money. Though you can find affordable extra virgin olive oil, it will have minor faults that you can ignore. However, if you want to use it raw, it is better to make sure that the quality is top-notch.

4. Certification

The product should be certified, and the region of its manufacturing should be mentioned on the label. Read the label before buying, so you know what brand are you buying and which country is manufacturing it.

5. Taste

Extra virgin olive oil should taste like healthy fresh olives and should be fresh and delicious. There should be no rancidity or fermentation. Remember that bitterness is not a bad thing. It has the natural flavor of fresh green olives and works well with meals like robust bean soup or tomato sauce.

Final Thought

Even if you find a great deal where you can get two-liter bottles of olive oil at your store at the price of one, do not get tempted by that unless you are quite sure that first, it is extra virgin olive oil and second that you will use it all up in three months. If you want to enjoy the flavor and benefits of olive oil, you should do it while it is at its freshest.

Overall, olive oil is a remarkable food. it is nutritious and delicious with amazing health benefits. If you have the opportunity, do explore and test the product before buying. And do not fall for cheap products.

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