Truthfully, LeBron James’ BDH is a legend in the making. Legendary basketball star LeBron James played an April Fools’ hoax on his peers, media experts, and fans with the rumour that he had torn his biceps tendon. In 2021, ClutchPoints published an April Fools’ Day narrative in which the revered player played a role.

A little bit about LeBron James BDH

If you’re a fan of the NBA, you don’t need me to introduce you to LeBron James. He plays small forward, where he has been named MVP. The 6 foot, 9 inch player, currently known for the BDH torn prank, has played for several different teams during the course of his impressive career. In the beginning of his career, he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Later, he played for the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. Among the many honours bestowed to LeBron James BDH are those of NBA champion, NBA finals MVP, NBA MVP, and NBA All-Star an incredible eighteen times. He’s been playing small forward for the Lakers recently. The incidence, or prank as it turned out to be, of LeBron James tearing his BDH while playing for the Lakers happened quite recently.

LeBron James BDH story

The first written mention of LeBron James’s BDH incident can be traced back to a news piece on the website ClutchPoints. Nish Patel is the CEO and founder of ClutchPoints, a sports media firm headquartered in Los Angeles. LeBron James tears his BDH and is done for the season; this is the lead article. The story basically said that LeBron had torn his BDH and would be out for the rest of the season. It was also noted that teams like the Los Angeles Clippers and the Brooklyn Nets will appreciate the good news. Many veteran basketball players and Lakers fans were taken in by this, leading them to worry about the team’s chances without James for the remainder of the season. But if they had read further, they would have found out what “torn BDH” stands for and realised it was all an elaborate hoax.

LeBron James BDH fans’ reaction

The players and Lakers fans alike were caught off guard by LeBron James’ BDH narrative. Many supporters of the Los Angeles Lakers expressed anxiety on Twitter and other social media sites over the team’s season. As soon as the news broke, one person wrote, “Wait Lebron’s out for the season with a BDH injury??? No way..”. After reading the entire post and learning what a torn BDH was, fans and players quickly understood it was an April Fool’s hoax, as this fan demonstrated by tweeting her boyfriend’s reaction to the news.

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My boyfriend bursts in the room all worked up, saying, “LeBron is out for 12 months because of something called BDH,” and then he stops for a second and says, “Oh, never mind, April Fool’s…and BDH means for big dick hanging” sir, goodbye.”

What is torn BDH in LeBron James BDH story?

Some Lakers fans, especially those who didn’t read the complete piece, were understandably terrified by the LeBron James BDH story. Many people have looked into what BDH is and what it means to have a ripped BDH. But those who read the whole thing to the finish realise that it’s a word that refers to a male-specific anatomical feature. Depending on its size, tearing this area might cause extreme discomfort.

This concludes the mystery surrounding LeBron James’ BDH, which began on April 1, 2021. Clutch Points has unfortunately removed the actual article we would have suggested reading.

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