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Poetry is a beautiful way of expressing one’s thoughts and emotions in a rhythmic and creative manner. The art of poetry is not just restricted to the flow of words but also encompasses the ability to capture the essence of an idea in a few words.

Philip Schwartz is an author who has managed to master this art through his unique style of writing. One of his books, “27800 Squeezed Oranges,” is a collection of random thoughts beautifully transformed into poetic verses. In this blog, we will explore the insight into Philip Schwartz books and how he turned his random thoughts into poetry.

Crafting Poetry from Random Thoughts: The Art of Philip Schwartz Books

To begin with, writing poetry is not an easy task. It requires a lot of creativity, imagination, and a certain level of understanding of the nuances of the language. Philip Schwartz is an author who has managed to capture these elements perfectly in his poetry. His book “27800 Squeezed Oranges” is a testament to his mastery of the craft. The book comprises a collection of random thoughts transformed into melodious verses. Each poem in the book is a reflection of Schwartz’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

The Creative Process: Converting Random Thoughts into Poetry

So how does one go about turning their random thoughts into poetry? One of the first things to do is to observe the world around you. Look at the people, the objects, and the environment, and try to capture the essence of what you see. Think about the emotions these things evoke and try to express them through your words. This is exactly what Schwartz has done in his book. His poems are a reflection of his observations of the world around him, and he has expressed them beautifully through his words.

Finding Inspiration

Another important aspect of turning random thoughts into poetry is playing with words. Poetry is not just about expressing your thoughts but also about doing it creatively and uniquely. Schwartz has a way of using words that captures the essence of his thoughts perfectly. He plays with words and their sounds and meanings to create a beautiful and rhythmic flow. This is something that all aspiring poets can learn from.

The Power of Poetry: How Philip Schwartz Books Can Inspire and Connect Us

The next step is to find inspiration in everyday life. Look for moments of beauty, moments of sadness, moments of joy, and moments of despair. These are the moments that can inspire you to write poetry. For Schwartz, the inspiration came from his travels, his experiences, and his observations of the world. He has captured these moments beautifully in his book “27800 Squeezed Oranges.”

Another important aspect of writing poetry is, to be honest with yourself. Your poems should be a reflection of who you are and what you feel. This is something that you can witness in Philip Schwartz books, as his poems are a manifestation of his contemplations, sentiments, and life encounters. He has been honest with himself, and this has helped him create poetry that is both meaningful and impactful.


In conclusion, Philip Schwartz books are a perfect example of how a collection of seemingly random thoughts can be transformed into beautiful poetry. As a reader, it’s not only important to appreciate the final product but also to understand the effort and thought process that goes behind it. The ability to turn one’s own experiences, observations, and emotions into a piece of art is truly remarkable, and Philip Schwartz has mastered this art. We can learn from his work and try to incorporate our unique perspectives into our creative endeavors. After all, sometimes, the most seemingly random thoughts can turn into something truly extraordinary.

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